Greta Says:–

When I reach old age I’d like to be,
Happy and healthy and fancy-free,
Have time to listen to others woes!
And bend and stretch and touch my toes!
Maybe find lots of new things to do,
Like ski-ing, surfing or even Kung-fu;
Learn a new language, like Ga or Twi,
Or go on a cruise to warm Napoli.
They say that old-age has aches and pains
And dozens of medicines with unpronounceable names.
There are pills of all colours,
And confusing sizes,
Each have a strange outcome,
And even stranger surprises!
But, for me, old age is a far-off state,
As I, dear reader, ‘am a “young 88”‘!
So, I’ll keep on going, who cares what “they” say!
Get up each morning, and welcome each day!