Ode to the Congregational Church

The tables groaned with pure “delights”
All made from recipes – supreme,
Each mouth-watering ~ dainty dish
Seen, only ever, in a dream!
The golden-crusted ~ scrumptious pies,
The quiche ~ with tempting ~ texture fine.
The skillfully slicked silvers of ham
The rices! Oh, quite, quite sublime!
The diners, sedately, moving along,
Putting “this and that” upon a plate,
Whilst smiling, servers softly whispered,
“You can come back for ‘seconds’ or even ‘eights’”!
Bit soon the tables, they were cleared,
Of all the plates, now gleaned of food.
And in their place, as if by magic,
Dishes of delicious “wonders” stood.
There were Trifles, Tartlets, Fresh fruit Sundries
With Rasp and Strawberries, richly blessed,
Meringues, Gateaux, other wonders ~
Putting “Scottish Slimmers” to the test!
Of course! Each one was duly tasted,
Even topped with cream and topped again
And blushing-belles now less slim-waisted
Gave “Scottish Slimmers” a loud “Amen”!
Too soon the Lunch-party was over,
Where laughter and joy had gone “hand in glove”
And to top it all each received full measure
of that “Tried and True” recipe “Christian Love”!