Rev Andrew – “25 Not Out!”

One cannot comment on all 25 years,
(He has been with us only 10!),
But, full of vim and vigour,
He is a MAN among MEN!

During te days he has spent here,
He has always aimed “to please”,
And combined with a community spirit,
He can never take his ease!

He rushes hither and thither,
Visiting his scattered flock,
And with lots of committee meetings,
His patience must be “in shock”!

This may seem too light-hearted,
As he has serious duties to perform,
Which he meets with loving kindness,
And never seems forlorn!

Thank you, Andrew, for coming to this Church,
Hope we haven’t proved “too much”,
And thank you for making Dundee West,
An open, caring, forward-looking Church!