The Clydesdale Horse

(A Nonsense Poem for the Young at Heart)

Today I bought a Clydesdale – horse – don’t ask me why,
For I live in a “multi” that almost reaches the sky!

Shouldn’t have bought him really, but as I passed he winked,
And in a husky – horsy whisper said, “I’m for you, I think”.

So I just could not resist him. I paid my “fiver” down.
He trotted there beside me in his faded “Derby Brown”

We’ve reached my “multi” – he faltered and threw his head right back
He then removed his halter, and placed ME on his back.

I doubt if you’ll believe me, but from his feet wings grew,
And quicker even than blinking, to the topmost height he flew.

We landed on my “multi” roof, or, so I thought, but then
He skidded round a corner, and down we came again!

We landed, oh so softly, this did surprise me so!
For twenty storeys from the top, is along, long way to go!

Today I bought a Clydesdale horse, now I can tell you “why”?
When the lift’s not working, he’ll be a really handy guy!