The Space-ship (For the Young at Heart)

The armchair – it is a space-ship
There’s just room enough for a few,
So Michael – He is the pilot,
Gran and Darren – They are the crew.

We rev-up all the big engines,
Zoom over our sycamore tree,
“Warp-one” ~ we’re over the rail bridge,
“Warp-two” ~ over the road-bridge ~ and free!

“Warp-six” ~ we’re over the Fife-ridge
And high above all the earth.
We ‘loop-the-loop’ over Blackness School,
And Hope to land safely in Perth!

But first we flash past the “The Unicorn”
Throw snow over all Aberdeen
Then zoom all the way to old London town,
And have afternoon tea ~ with the Queen.

Sometimes we visit the planets,
Dropping off to polish the moon,
And to add more sparkle to all the stars
And sweep away clouds with a broom!

After having such fun on our journeys
Gran says "It’s time to go home ~
For your Mum and Dad are waiting for you ~
(But we’ll take-off tomorrow, at dawn!!")