I’ve been asked to tell why I came to Dundee
And why did I join Roseangle Ryehill:
Well, it all seemed so right and straightforward to me
(But the “Record” has pages and pages to fill!)

We came to enjoy the love and the charm
Of time, with loved ones, spent together
And to find Dundonian hearts friendly and warm
(I wish I could say the same of the weather).

Roseangle Ryehill was my first “trial” choice,
(Truthfully – because it stood near)
And the call of the text on the church notice outside
Was one to which one should adhere!

The welcome, each Sunday, seems truly sincere,
The ‘Guild’ is a bright, happy scene,
Earth-bound “guardian-angels” are caring for me,
At home coffee-mornings with baking supreme.

Grateful thanks, I pen, for kindness shown
To me, in your midst – a stranger;
It witnesses, to all, the gift of love
Sent by God, long ago, to that manger.